This Sweet Life: An Interview With Natalie Sullivan

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This Sweet Life: An Interview With Natalie Sullivan

This Sweet Life: An Interview With Natalie Sullivan

With her successful blog This Sweet Life, Natalie aims to unite and better serve fellow mamas. Her dream is to create a space to greet you like a warm hug and be the gal pal you need. We first met the beautiful Natalie when she modelled for Nurtur Tea last year. She was an absolute delight and inspiring to watch as a mother. Enjoy this interview with Natalie who talks more on her relationship with husband Ryan, travel and her blog.

It’s so romantic that you met your husband Ryan at 18 years old and have been together ever since. How did you two meet? Was it love at first sight?  

We actually met and knew each other at school. He tells me that we caught the same bus but I don't remember that part. We were often around each other and in similar circles of friends over the years, in fact his best friend and the best man at our wedding was a high school boyfriend of mine haha. We got together a couple of years after school when we saw each other at a night club. We had an instant connection and two weeks after that night we were officially dating and two weeks later he moved in with me. The rest as they say is history. 

You mentioned in your blog that you created This Sweet Life because you wanted to better serve your fellow mamas. Do you feel mamas need a greater sense of community and support? Is it something your followers have discussed with you?

I think that women appreciate feeling like they aren't alone. I think they seek genuine, honest conversation that they can relate to. I think that most of us thrive off that connection.  

What you post can be really diverse which is amazing! From motherhood, food, travel, interiors, fashion…but what’s your favourite topic to post?

Travel is my favourite and always has been. I love to show families it might not be as hard as they think to take little ones overseas. Then on a general day-to-day basis I love mummy life realities. 

We first met at a Nurtur Tea photoshoot. Do you drink tea yourself? Are you interested in natural health?

Yes I do drink tea I also love matcha. I want to drink tea more! I love the ritual of sitting down and giving yourself a quiet moment with tea. Permission to relax. I need to do that more. 

You seem to love fitness. Have you always been so committed to exercise?

Yes I have always loved exercise. I love it for my mental health more than anything else. 

Remember Mama is a book written by you as a beautiful reminder to Mothers how truly amazing and loved they are and with every copy sold a donation is made to support Mothers with postnatal depression. Have you suffered from postnatal depression yourself?

I haven't personally but have seen friends go through it. I also have a book called remember dad which is very similar and aims to uplift the dads too.

Currently, you’re in California! How do you find travelling with three children?

I love it. It's my favourite thing to do. I'm hoping to be able to travel full time for a little bit in the future. 

Top 3 favourite things about the Sunshine Coast.

- of course the beach 

- the fact that I have so many beautiful friends there 

- the foodie scene 

- ohhhh one more... how accessible it is to live a lifestyle that feels healthy and happy 


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