What can help me naturally increase my milk supply?

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What can help me naturally increase my milk supply?

What can help me naturally increase my milk supply?
Written by Midwife Mary & Nina Morgan

Are there herbs that will help me breastfeed?

It can be both a challenging and emotional time when mothers experience low milk supply when breastfeeding. This is something Nina, the Founder of Nurtur Tea experienced when breastfeeding her first child. However, herbs have helped women for centuries to increase breastmilk supply and the richness of milk and it's what helped Nina successfully breastfeed her children. In this blog, we'll provide a guide on breastfeeding safe herbs  (also known as galactagogues) that are both nourishing for mother and child. 
What herbs help milk production & increase the quality of my milk?
Chamomile can assist with a distressed baby experiencing colic and aid the
nursing mother with digesting food. High in calcium and soothing enough to
pass through the breast milk to enhance relaxation and lactation.

Fennel seeds are known for their digestive properties and are galactagogues,
which means they can increase the breast milk supply and even help reduce colic symptoms by settling a gassy tummy and wind. As a tea, it is super
sweet, making it by far one of the most popular and in demand. 


Marshmallow root has traditionally been used to increase a woman's estrogen level and the fatty tissues on her breasts both of which help boost milk supply. Nettle is also a known galactagogue for its benefits in helping to boost milk supply and the richness of the milk. 

Turmeric tea promotes nutrients like protein, niacin, fibre, vitamins C, E, and
K, calcium, potassium, copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc. It keeps the
immune system intact and helps to fight viruses. It also assists with weight
loss and managing blood sugar levels. Anise contains compounds similar to estrogen, the female sex hormone. It can boost hormone levels and support breast milk production. 

As you can see, there are many herbs that can help increase milk supply when breastfeeding. Our herbal Nursing tea is an organic Naturopathic tea that is blended in Sunshine Coast, Australia. Available in loose leaf and biodegradable tea bags. 


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