Brewing iced tea is simple! Here’s our top tips!

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Brewing iced tea is simple! Here’s our top tips!

Brewing iced tea is simple! Here’s our top tips!

When you don't know how to brew iced tea it can seem really overwhelming. However, with these simple steps you'll see that brewing iced tea using our Glass Tea Tumbler is simple! Plus it's much cheaper and healthier compared to concentrated versions in the shops that are full of sugar. You can use any of our caffeine-free tea blends when making iced tea.


1. A good quality tea tumbler with strainer

We recommend a good quality strainer like Nurtur Tea’s sustainable 3 in 1 glass tumbler that has a strainer insert built in. It makes brewing iced tea super easy and is the perfect accessory to take with you to that pilates class, hike or anywhere on-the-go! A strainer like ours prevents bitterness and any loose leaves escaping. Chewing the occasional tea leaf whilst enjoy a refreshing iced tea is not fun!

2. Work with your schedule and own personal taste

We recommend to use double the amount to what you normal would use. So if you normally use 1 teaspoon of loose leaf now use 2 teaspoons, and if you normally have 1 tea bag now use 2 tea bags. Simply brew your loose leaf or pyramid tea bag in hot water for your usual amount of time. Remove the loose leaf or tea bags, let it cool naturally and then place in the fridge. Once the tea is cold you can add ice to your tea infuser drink bottle and enjoy!

Note it’s also all down to personal preference. We find if you’re in a rush, infusing the tea for 3-5 minutes then removing the infuser and adding ice is sufficient. Otherwise if you’ve got the time you can keep the brew in the fridge for 6-8 hours, then remove the strainer and enjoy!

3. Add natural sweetness & flavour to enhance your experience

At Nurtur Tea we always work with nature, only using natural ingredients in our tea blends. So if you need that extra bit of sweetness in your brew, we recommend you add natural sweetness and flavours and avoid anything artificial as these contain excess sugars. Adding a good quality honey, mint leaves, lemon or ginger to your brew will really add flavour in a nurturing way and refresh your mood.

4. Tea Blends

Now all you need to do is stock up on some of Australia's best natural tea here!


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