What’s a natural way to boost milk supply?

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What’s a natural way to boost milk supply?

What’s a natural way to boost milk supply?

Are you struggling to breastfeed? Is your milk supply low?

We know breastfeeding can suck sometimes especially when there's a supply & demand issue. Our breastfeeding tea blend contains organic herbs that naturally help boost milk supply. Helping mother to continue to feed her little baby with greater ease and restore her own confidence that she's doing an awesome job. You've got this supermum!
In this blog post, we will be discussing our breastfeeding tea and the benefits to milk supply. This tea blend was formulated by our in-house Naturopath, Herbalist and Founder of Nurtur Tea, Nina and at the time of writing is nominated as a Finalist at the Clean + Consciousness Award 2023.

What makes our breastfeeding tea boost milk supply?

Our naturopathic formula uses herbs that have been used for centuries for their galactagogue effects in helping boost milk supply and the increasing the richness of the breast milk. The natural and organic herbs in our breastfeeding tea include:
Aniseed: a culinary spice and a digestive herb that helps get rid of gas, relieve indigestion and nausea as well as increase milk flow.
Chamomile flowers: known for its galactagogue effects and also helps to calm both body and mind.
Fennel: helping to naturally increase milk supply and can help reduce colic symptoms in baby such as a gassy tummy and being unsettled.
Caraway: used for its milk producing qualities, as well as its digestive properties.
Marshmallow root: helping to increase a woman's estrogen level and the fatty tissues on her breasts both of which help boost milk supply.
Nettle: a known galactagogue for its benefits in helping to boost milk supply and the richness of the milk. Nettle is also loaded with iron, folic acid, calcium and vitamin K.
So what are the benefits of drinking our breastfeeding tea?
  1. Naturally boosts milk supply.
  2. Enhances the richness of your breastmilk.
  3. Increases iron, folic acid, calcium and vitamin K.
  4. Reduces colicky symptoms in baby.
  5. Good for digestion and reduces gas.
  6. Naturally calming, reducing anxiety.
  7. Helping you get good quality sleep.
Does our breastfeeding tea use herbs that are natural?
Nurtur Tea sources its herbs from an organic, 100% pesticide-free from a supplier based in Queensland, Australia. Our herbs are also ethically sourced and we only use packaging that is biodegradable, recyclable and home compostable.
How do I purchase breastfeeding tea?
The first step is to read more about our breastfeeding tea here which will then give you more information about the different options and ways to buy. Available in biodegradable pyramid tea bags, loose leaf, bulk, bundles and different weights, there’s an option to suit everyone.


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